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ARMS English Pronunciation

To perform at your best in the workplace, you need to communicate easily and effectively with other people.  This English Pronunciation training will help you achieve this, through face-to-face group and individual coaching.

  • Coaching to hear and use subtle aspects of speech and pronunciation e.g. Changes of pitch and rhythm, correct vowel length and consonant sound quality.
  • Help with correct pronunciation, illustrated through the practice of particular words, sentences, conversations and interview practice.
  • Materials are of the highest quality.
  • A strong focus on developing clear articulation e.g. how to adjust mouth and tongue movements to pronounce English sounds correctly

Duration: Four sessions, two hours each session

Cost: $130, including GST, all participant materials and Certificate of Participation.

English Language Clinic

Do you have questions about your English Language?

Our one-on-one consultation with an English Language Advisor will provide you with:

  • Advice about your English learning needs
  • Referrals to suitable providers and courses – many are local and may be low cost
  • Useful ideas for self-study of the English language.

Dates: Tuesdays, by appointment only

$30 cost applies.

*Please note: This service provides referrals and recommendations to providers and courses. For a formal assessment including a written report, please contact ARMS Reception for further information.*

To make an appointment contact us on 09 625 2440 or complete the contact form below.

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