Creating an Inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand: Sector Hui Report

May 30, 2019

This sector hui was convened by Belong Aotearoa, with support from Foundation North and the Centre for Social Impact.

Racism and discrimination is an issue that those in our community and sector are not strangers to. The extreme form of racism and hate inflicted on victims through the Christchurch terrorist attacks, was for many a wake up call of the realities of racism in New Zealand and a call to take action.

An essential part to taking action is collaborating and convening – having the right discussions with a range of people and organisations, and on April 30th, this is exactly what happened.

People with a passion for positive change came together to not only discuss how we can create an inclusive Aotearoa for everyone, regardless of religion, ethnicity and background, but also come up with some actions – creating momentum for positive change through passionate, meaningful and robust discussions.

Here is the report from our Sector Hui, which is not only an informative piece of what happened, but also a call to action to all.