The Respecting New Zealand Values Bill

October 1, 2018

Discussion helps us connect, learn and grow, and immigration is one topic that can often divide a room. With The Respecting New Zealand Values Bill that passed the New Zealand First party’s AGM on Sunday is one such topic that can. At this time, ARMS does not support it. Massey University Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Paul Spoonley brought up a lot of good points about the flaws in citizenship tests and how even defining kiwi values is a difficult task.

Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust CEO Rochana Sheward added “How can you expect immigrants to adhere to values that are continually changing, evolving and may not even be reflective of kiwis?”

Just like our organisations values, New Zealand was built on diversity, inclusivity and community. A multicultural New Zealand that keeps true to the Treaty of Waitangi, doesn’t take away from who we are as kiwis, it adds value and richness to all facets of life and a bill that might on surface seek to achieve these values, may actually be in fact a barrier to it.

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